Monday, August 24, 2009

Exchanges and an engagement

Dear Friends and Family:
We have transfers this Wednesday! It's anyone's guess as to what happens. I really don't want to be transferred again, but who knows, it might happen. Church yesterday was great. We had the nephew of a member attend, and he is really interested in the gospel. He's really smart and participated a lot in Sunday School. We are going to start teaching him this week. The Stake President came and reorganized some of the branch leaders. They called a new Elders Quorum President, and a new counselor in the Branch Presidency.
We also helped one of the members of our Ward to paint his auto body shop. We used this air brush paint gun, and I was covered in speckles of paint! It looked like I was covered in dust or something.
I also went on exchanges with the Robstown Elders a few days ago. We found out that one of the missionaries in Elder Bugg's group is already engaged. He was writing this girl his whole mission and then came home and broke up with her and got engaged to somebody else!
All in all, this week has been great. It is even hotter than it was a few weeks ago. I don't think it will cool down very much by the time I finish my mission!
Love to all, Elder Carreon

Monday, August 17, 2009

Transfers Coming Soon

Hello to all,
This week was pretty good. We had our interviews with President Miller on Thursday. Somebody decided to put a sign that said "It's Miller Time" on his door while he was doing the interviews. It lasted about 5 interviews before he noticed it!
We also had a random guy show up at our house one night. Turns out he was a missionary in Sinton about 20 years ago. He told us all of these stories and even had a picture directory. It was fun to see what a bunch of the members of the Branch looked like 20 years ago! He said that Sinton is pretty much the same and when he was here, the Branch had about 30 attending and no piano player, which is the same as it is now! He served back when it was the Texas Corpus Christi Mission.
We had an awesome lesson this week with a new investigator. He lives near our Relief Society President, and is going through a really tough divorce. We had the Branch President with us and we were able to teach him the other day. He's a really humble guy and is very receptive.
We keep hearing that there are some tropical storms and some hurricanes that are forming. There is a prediction that one will hit us within the next 3 weeks. I guess we'll see what happens. We have transfers next Wednesday. Hopefully I'll stay, but I don't really know! Have a great week!
Elder Carreon

Monday, August 10, 2009

Flight Plans Home

Dear Family and Friends:
This week was pretty good. We found out yesterday that a General Authority is going to tour our mission next month. We don't know who it will be yet, but that's always exciting news I gave a talk yesterday in church. It went pretty well, but I was definitely nervous. You think I would be good at that seeing as all we do all day every day is talk to people! Friday was a crazy day. I got a letter from the Mission Office, and I was trying to figure out what it could be. It turned out to be my flight plans home! I wasn't expecting that! I guess they need 90 days notice if there are going to be any changes.
Then, as we were driving away from our house, we noticed that we had a flat tire! All the tire patching places were closed for some reason, so we just filled the tire up at a gas station and patched it Saturday morning. Other than that, things have been going very well around here as we find people to teach and share the gospel with.
This week we have our interviews with President Miller. I got the BYU form and I'll have him sign it and send it and everything. I promise that someday I'll send my memory card home, too!
Elder Carreon
P.S. I enjoy the packages and letters! Send more and say hello to everyone for me.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Frisbee and Hot Weather

Dear Family & Friends:
This week was pretty good. Today (P-Day)we're going to get together with the whole Zone and play ultimate Frisbee or something.
We had an investigators come to church yesterday. He really, really liked it. He’s a super cool guy and wants to be baptized. He’s doing great and hopefully he will continue to progress. We had a member family move in from Utah the other week. He was the branch president here years ago and they decided to move back. He owns a mechanic shop in Odem, and so we helped him paint it. His son is a returned missionary, and they are going to be a huge strength to the branch. The weather here is still super hot. It has not been out of the 90s for at least a month. We haven’t seen any serious rain here in a long, long time. Luckily there are no hurricanes forming right now, but if any do start to form they will most likely come here because we have the hottest temperatures in Texas right now. Our Branch President wants to organize everything as fast as we can so we can all be prepared. Apparently last year a lot of people were caught off guard and had no idea what to do. Luckily for this area anyway, the hurricane turned and went to Houston. Not so great for Houston, where it hit hard and did a lot of damage.
Transfers aren't until the end of this month, so I still have a while here. Tell everyone Hi!

Elder Carreon