Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Great Experience

Dear Family & Friends:

Our baptism on Sunday went great! It was very spiritual and there were lots of people that came. I was able to baptize Johnny, which was a great experience.
We also went fishing for Memorial Day, which was a ton of fun. My companion got super super sun burned and is bright red today! This week has been pretty awesome. We have been having lots and lots of thunderstorms lately. Last night we couldn't sleep it was so loud. It’s amazing how bad the drainage system in Texas is. There aren't even any gutters on the streets, so everything just floods like crazy!
We also received a phone call from some missionaries up in Illinois. They ran into one of our former investigators and she was excited that she was able to find the church up there and so they were calling for information on what we had taught her. It was great to be able to hear what had happened to her, because last we heard, she was moving to Portland and then the elders in Portland said she moved up north somewhere!
This is Elder Bugg’s last full week. He goes to McAllen next Wednesday and then will tour around the mission for a couple of days before going back to Iowa. It will be hard to see him go. We have had a lot of successes together. In my interview President Miller asked me if I was ready to get any companion that the Lord was going to send me. It will be interesting to see what happens next week at transfers! I'll try and send some pictures home this week sometime.

Love to all, Elder Carreon

Monday, May 18, 2009

More baptisms and lots of rain

Hello everyone
I hope that the funeral (in Salt Lake City on Tuesday) goes well for my grandfather (Dale Latimer). I’m sad that I couldn't be there.
This week has been pretty interesting. On Thursday, I went on exchanges in Robstown. There are a lot of really cool people there and it was a pretty fun and successful day. We went to Mathis on Saturday with one of the members of the Branch Presidency, Brother Clayton. It’s about a 25-30 minute drive, and he came and picked us up. While we were in Lake City, it started to rain like crazy, and it didn't really stop until the next day. It was nice because the crops around here really need it. Someone told us that most of the crops are pretty much lost because it’s been so dry lately. Someone else also told us that when there is a drought like this, Corpus usually gets a hurricane!
At church yesterday we had Branch conference, with the Stake Presidency. It was a really good meeting and I learned a lot. Next week Johnny is scheduled to be baptized after church, which is going to be super exciting. One of his daughters wants to be baptized too, so we're working with her. We also have this other family that we’re working with that came to church last week. The father was called into work yesterday because of the storm that came through, so they weren't able to go, but they are really looking good and hopefully everything will work out with them.
I'm really sad because this transfer is ending pretty soon and Elder Bugg will be going home. We have really seen some good things happen in the branch since we've been together, and it will be an adjustment with out him. I hope all is well and tell everyone hi.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Baptism and a phone call on Mother's Day!

This week has been pretty awesome! I can't wait to call home this Sunday (Mother's Day).
We have an investigator who is the brother of James Land. He had been coming to church with his brother for a little while, and a few weeks ago we started to teach him. Since then he has made incredible progress in the gospel. This past week we went over to teach him, and he told us that he has been to our church a bunch of times and has even met with about 40 different missionaries throughout his life. He then told us that there was something different about my companion and me, and in his view, we are "humble and close to the Lord." That comment felt great because we are sure trying to be! He also told us that he really recognized the gospel truths at church and that has added to his desire to be baptized. He will be baptized on Saturday, May 16th. This is such great news.
Also, something funny happened this week when went to a member family's house to help them do service because they are going to move soon. They have a dog in the back yard that is still a puppy, but nearly full-grown. We were over there with one of the home teachers, and he was trying to repair the back door. The dog kept trying to jump on him and stuff, so he took off his hat and tried to shoo the dog away, but the dog grabbed his hat and ran away. He chased the dog all around the backyard yelling. It was pretty funny!
I can't wait to call home and to talk to everybody! I am also sending a package, so be on the look out.
I hope everyone is doing great!
Elder Carreon