Monday, July 14, 2008

A Monkey Named Carreon and a Bird Named Gish

Dear Family & Friends:
The weather this week has been warm again, with an occasional rain fall. We had been hearing that the rain was unusual for this time of year. If they do end up evacuating us, it will just be to a different part of the mission for a few days or something. Apparently they got evacuated last year, because the "Big One" was supposed to hit right into Brownsville, but at the last second it turned left and destroyed Mexico.
Tuesday we had something amazing happen. Something that I don't think has ever happened before in the history of Missionary Work. None of our scheduled appointments fell through! As a result we were able to teach 4 lessons! For us if we teach 1 it was a so so day, 2 was a pretty good day, 3 was an extra special day, and 4 is like once in a life time day! So needless to say we were pretty excited.
Friday was a pretty crazy day. We had the baptismal interview for one of our investigators. Last week when they came to church, we had just taught them about fast offering to help the poor and tithing. They live in pretty humble circumstances, but they decided to pay it anyways and see what happened. So when we talked with them on Friday, they were telling us how when they were walking to Wal-Mart, they found $50 on the ground, and when her daughter was working, she made 3x the amount of money in tips that she usually makes. It was exciting to see them have the faith to follow the Lord's commandments and recognize the blessing that they recieved.
Saturday we went to see this one guy named Victor, and his next door neighbors were outside BBQing. So we went up to Victor's door to knock, and the people at the BBQ were yelling really loud in Spanish, "Close the door, they're coming!" We laughed about that one pretty hard. I think it's funny how people are scared of two nicely dressed 20-year-old guys sharing a message about Jesus. Lots of people try and run away from us.
Yesterday was way amazing! My companion baptized one of our investigators! Her mom had been having a hard time commiting to a specific date, but she decided this was something she really wanted to do. That night we went over to their house and they had this pet bird that they bought downtown. They asked us a few days ago what to name it and somebody suggested my companion's name, so they called it "Elder Gish." As we were leaving they were playing with this stuffed monkey thing and we were like "Does it have a name?" and they were like "I think we'll call it Elder Carreon!" It was pretty funny.
Write Soon.