Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Amazing Week

Hello to all:
This week was amazing! Things are really starting to take off here (in Sinton). Our investigator is doing great and will be baptized this Sunday after church. He is really excited and kind of disappointed that he had to wait 3 weeks! He has also been bringing his niece and nephew to church and they have really expressed some interest in taking the lessons, too. His niece really felt the spirit at church and the Branch is doing a great job fellowshipping everyone.
We also were able to find another guy whose girlfriend is a member. His cousin got baptized last year (and just got sealed in the temple too!) and he remembers a lot about what the missionaries taught. He has been really interested too, and his girlfriend wants to come back to church. We also have another part member family that wants us to come and teach their daughter this Thursday!
Somehow the planets aligned this week and we have been extremely blessed. Funny story: Yesterday, a member invited us over for dinner, but we couldn't come in because she's a single sister, so she set up a table on the back porch. They have this dog that is only a year old that they had to tie up on this tree. So they brought out the food and this dog was going nuts trying to escape and get at the food. About halfway through the meal the dog somehow slipped through its collar and comes charging at us and at the table, so I grabbed all of the food and kept it away from the dog while my companion was trying to catch the dog. The member was swinging a broom trying to keep the dog away from the food. It was quite the ordeal. Luckily, the dog didn't get to any of the food!
So far things are going great in this area. Tell everybody hi for me!