Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Baptism and a phone call on Mother's Day!

This week has been pretty awesome! I can't wait to call home this Sunday (Mother's Day).
We have an investigator who is the brother of James Land. He had been coming to church with his brother for a little while, and a few weeks ago we started to teach him. Since then he has made incredible progress in the gospel. This past week we went over to teach him, and he told us that he has been to our church a bunch of times and has even met with about 40 different missionaries throughout his life. He then told us that there was something different about my companion and me, and in his view, we are "humble and close to the Lord." That comment felt great because we are sure trying to be! He also told us that he really recognized the gospel truths at church and that has added to his desire to be baptized. He will be baptized on Saturday, May 16th. This is such great news.
Also, something funny happened this week when went to a member family's house to help them do service because they are going to move soon. They have a dog in the back yard that is still a puppy, but nearly full-grown. We were over there with one of the home teachers, and he was trying to repair the back door. The dog kept trying to jump on him and stuff, so he took off his hat and tried to shoo the dog away, but the dog grabbed his hat and ran away. He chased the dog all around the backyard yelling. It was pretty funny!
I can't wait to call home and to talk to everybody! I am also sending a package, so be on the look out.
I hope everyone is doing great!
Elder Carreon