Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Avoiding Curses

Hello to everyone - Nothing too crazy happened this week. The one member who was losing family members to crime and murder and was thinking of going up to Houston decided not to go. Instead, his uncles are coming down to Laredo for a little while next month to decide if they are going to go back up there together or not. He's doing a lot better, and he wants us to teach his uncles when they come.
We were walking down the street one night and decided to knock on a few doors. This one family decided to let us in. When we were talking to them, the husband was saying how when he saw us he remembered the part in the Bible that says that Christ sent out his servants two by two to preach the gospel, and He instructed them to teach those that would receive them, and to dust off their feet and curse those that wouldn't receive them. So the man said, "I saw you guys and didn't want to be cursed!" They seem like a really nice family, and the husband is the manager of a band. Hopefully things will keep progressing with them.
Yesterday, on P-Day (preparation day) we had a Zone BBQ at one of the church buildings. It was super fun. We played soccer and ultimate frisbee. We ended up incinerating a pan full of grease because it caught on fire.
There are a bunch of train tracks that make a loop through Laredo and go into Mexico and every few hours trains will go through the city honking the whole way through. It is really annoying because the trains will also just park on the tracks and pretty much block off half of the city until they decide to move. We were over in an area that is surrounded by tracks and this really long train came ad boxed us in for about an hour. We looked into the train car doors, and found it was transporting a whole bunch of brand new automobiles.
Tell everyone I said hi, and it may take a week or two for me to respond to letters and such because we don't have much time for letter writing. I received Susan's card and Kami's package and your Valentine's Day box. Tell every thanks so much, I really appreciate it and look forward to mail every day.
Elder Carreon