Monday, February 25, 2008

Baptisms & Parades

Hello to everyone, everything is going great. Fantastic news! This week we were able to baptize two people: a mother and her son. We were supposed to baptize the mother on the first Sunday of the transfer, but when we work hard, so does the adversary. A lot happened and we had to postpne the baptism in order to sort it all out so that she was ready. It took us six weeks, but we were able to do it. In the mean time, one of her sons turned 8, so they were both able to be baptized yesterday. It was very exciting! My companion did both baptisms and I will send some pictures soon. That was definitely the highlight of the transfer. Speaking of transfers, they happen this Thursday, and we don't find out until Wednesday night who stays and who goes. I think my companion and I will probably stay the same, but anything could happen.
The weather this week has been crazy! It has been in the high 90s almost every single day. Plus one of the other elders hurt his back, so we let them use the car for a week and we've been on bikes. I don't even want to know what the summer is going to be like.
A few days ago Hilary Clinton was in downtown Laredo. We were planning on going down there to do business and such, so we thought we might be able to catch a glimpse, but as we were walking there we saw a bunch of people with Hilary signs walking away. I guess we just missed her. Things here have been very festive lately. Apparently Laredo dedicates the whole month of February to celebrate Washington's birthday, so there were a bunch of parades and stuff throughout the week. One night we were walking around trying to find people to talk to and nobody was outside or in their house, which was very weird. We then wandered a few blocks over and found everyone was lined up along the street for one of the parades.
I will send more pictures and a video from my camera of us burning a tie for Elder Metcalf's six-month mark! Have a great week.