Monday, March 31, 2008


Dear Family: Just a quick update: We were without power in our new apartment until Wednesday, when we came home and saw the porch light on. Today we finally closed the lease on the other apartment, and so we are officially out of there. We also had our interviews with President for the upcoming transfer, I'll let you know where I end up. This Sunday we had some big ups and downs. We have this recent convert who got baptized about a month ago, but hasn't come to church to get confirmed, and last sunday night, we finally found her. It turns out she had a big family emergency and had to go to Monterrey, Mexico, to figure it out and because she was across the border she couldn't contact us. So we went by a few times this past week, and she was really excited to come back to church and get confirmed and everything, but we haven't heard from her so we are waiting to set that up. We were able to teach that one miracle family that I told you about (the guy that said he was waiting for us) and it went really well. We were able to teach him his wife and his son. They were very intereted and had lots of questions, and said that they would be at church. About five minutes into the meeting they still weren't there so we called, and he was like "I'm sorry were late, but were almost there!" They were able to make it, and it turns out that they had another son who wasn't there when we taught them and so all four of them came! It was a testimony meeting because of conference next Sunday, so we explained to them what that was all about. During the meeting, this one young woman got up and bore a powerful testimony, and the wife was so touched that she started crying. They also really enjoyed the rest of the meetings. They said they are really excited to come to the television broadcast of General Conference from Salt Lake this Sunday. We are all excited for conference too! Apparently it's extra fun for missionaries because all you do is hang out at the chapel and watch all of the sessions broadcast both Saturday and Sunday! I'm excited to hear that Uncle Matt, Aunt Pam and all five J boys are going in person, along with Kami, Brent, Darcy and Taylor. It was a very cool experience for me to see it in person last November. You have to tell me how close everyone seats are. Mom, I hope you have a lot of fun skiing with the J-boys in Utah for Spring Break and going to Africa in June. Everyone keep writing to me, the letters are awesome!
Love, Ryan