Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Miracles

Hello to everyone.
This week was a week of many miracles.Yesterday, the other Elders in our district had a baptism. That area hasn't had a baptism in more than nine months, so they were especially excited. We also had two other baptisms planned for yesterday, and then the miracle occurred. There was this lady that the sisters had been teaching, and had taught her all of the required lessons, but she was still undecided about wanting to get baptized. One of the people who was scheduled to get baptized was her nephew. She showed up 30 minute before the baptismal service and said, "I know I need to get baptized and I want to do it today with my nephew!" So the Zone Leaders interviewed her, and she was able to be baptized.
A few days ago we were walking around looking for some names that we had, and after having no success, we decided to return to our bikes. As we were walking, we noticed an apartment complex that we hadn't seen when we were locking up our bikes, so we decided to go check it out. We saw two doors open on the top floor, so we went there first. The first person wasn't interested, and the second person was like, "Hey! I have been waiting for you guys!" He said that his sister was a member and had challenged him to go to church a few months ago, and he knew that we would eventually come by and was interested in going to church.
The third miracle happened on Saturday. We had some people that we were going to go by in the morning and in the afternoon. We ended up not having enough time to visit everyone in the morning, so we saved one of the names for the afternoon. After everything fell through, we decided to try out that name that we couldn't go by earlier. As we walked up we could see that they weren't home, but the people above them were, so we went up to talk to them. The husband let us in right away and said, "Hey, I’m a member of your church, but I haven't gone in many years." It turns out his ex-wife brought him into the church, and he was a member for many years. They were about to get sealed when they had some problems and separated. Now he is remarried to a nonmember. He said that he wants to start coming back, and because his family isn't members, he wants us to teach them, too. This week was amazing! We had many more miracles happen, but I don’t have enough time to write them all. I hope you all had a Happy Easter, I know we had a great one here in Laredo! I did get all your packages, and we spent all night hiding and finding those eggs you sent! Also thanks for the CDs. just for future reference we are only allowed to listen to MoTab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir), hymns, and classical music. Tell everybody that I say Hi, and I’m going to send you guys something this week! Have a great week
I forgot to mention, we are having problems with our new apartment. We got the go ahead from the senior couple in our area to move everything in. We didn't have power when we moved our stuff in, but they assured us that it would be on that day (last Wednesday). So we moved everything but our food. It turns out that the lady who was renting before was stealing power, so the city came and took away the meter, and now we don’t have a power meter. So we have to wait for the city to put one in and the power company to come out and turn in on. Right now we have a bunch of candles and an electric lantern in our new place, and we eat and shower at our old place. It looks like we won’t get power any earlier than Wednesday.
Here's a funny story: We moved in Wednesday, and we had been moved in for literally five minutes when we heard this knock on our door. When we answered it we found this note full of cuss words signed "your mom." It looked like a little kid had written it, so I said that I would sit by the window and when he came again one of the other elders would open the door and catch him. So I saw this 8 or 9 year-old kid sneaking up to our door, and signaled for them to open it, and he was bent over about to put down this other note and had this really wide eyed expression on his face. When we asked him what he was doing, he said that he was going next door. We were able to get the note from him, which was a big heart that was signed "your momma." We had a good laugh about it!
Love, Ryan