Monday, June 23, 2008

Chased by Dogs

Hello to everyone:
This week was pretty fun! On P Day we had a zone BBQ and we played soccer and ate hamburgers. Wednesday we had some bike problems. Someone messed up one of my pedals and I had to ride it like that a few days until we found some tools to fix it, and Elder Gish got a flat tire and the crank (the thing that attaches the pedal to the bike) fell of as well!
I am amazed at some of the people here. A lot of time we will set up an appointment with someone and when we come back, they are too afraid to face us, so they send their kids to the door to lie to us. We went up to this one guy's house and knocked on the door and this kid opened the door and before we said anything he said "They're not here!" My companion said back "Whose not here?" and the kid gave us this 'you just caught me lying' face and said "uhhhhh I don't know." What's worse is we could totally see them back in the other room!
On Thursday as we were riding past this trailer park these two dogs came out and chased us down the street. We get chased on our bikes a lot, and so we figured we should buy some squirt guns and squirt any dogs that try and chase us!
Friday was our interviews with the president. It was really awesome! I love our mission president, President Miller. He's a really nice guy and always fun to talk to.
Yesterday was Stake Conference, so we drove into Harlingen (about 30 minutes away). Afterwards we brought some investigators over to a members house to watch the "Restoration DVD." The big missionary joke is that when you are teaching about the Resoration of the Gospel, there is always some huge distraction that happens right at the most spiritual part. So we were watching the DVD and right before the best part, the members started making small talk with our investigators and then these screaming kids came crashing through the front door. Needless to say it was a disaster! One time these two elders (Elder Mynes and Elder Ortiz) were saying how they were teaching someone and they were about to teach that part and a really loud plane flew over the house, so they tried again, and this huge pack of Harleys drove by outside! My companion and I have noticed that our life is a lot like a sitcom, so we think that were are going to write a sitcom about two missionaries that always have mis-adventures.
Mom, I hope you enjoy your trip to Africa tell Nana and Ron that I say hi, and tell me what it's like!
Thanks for your letters everyone, write me some more.