Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanks for All the Packages and Cards

Dear Family:
Thanks for the various packages I have received from all of you and (those sent via, Deseret Book, etc.). Anything that wasn't sent by regular mail I will get on Wednesday when we have our interviews with President Miller.
This week was only so so. On Tuesday, I got pretty sick and had a fever and stuff, so we had to stay in all day and I mostly just slept! By that night my fever was totally gone and the next day I felt great, so It wasn't too big of a hinderance. Thanksgiving was great! We went over to the Kimmal families house. They had prepared the most awesome Thanksgiving dinner! There was so much food and they said they had used almost every dish they owned! It was an amazing meal, and it took us over an hour just to do the dishes! I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving. The only complaint I had was that it was about 75 degrees out and didn't feel at all like Thanksgiving or winter for that matter.
I can't believe it's already December, time is just flying around here. I also can't believe how fast this transfer has flown by. We have our interviews with President Miller next week and transfers are only in a couple of weeks. I really like it up here in Portland. Gas is at $1.57 now, and the rumor is that we might be next in line for getting a car. Cross your fingers. We have 3 companionships in our District. Of the 6 missionaries, 3 are from Washington, 1 from Oregon, and 2 from Utah, so the Northwest is pretty much dominating up here. Mom, I sent the memory card to the apartment address that you gave me, so maybe it's at the apartment office or something. I have a feeling that if it was returned to me, then I'll probably get it on Wednesday when we have our interviews. Tell everyone thanks for the birthday cards and that I'll write everyone back eventually! I hope all is well and that its not raining too hard. Thanks for your packages, letters, and prayers.