Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Family & Friends,

This week was great! Yesterday we had an investigator who is Jewish attend Sacrament meeting with her kids!
We have transfers on Wednesday. It's really up in the air as to who will go or who will stay.
This past week was full of ups and downs. One of the former bishops of the ward passed away from cancer on Tuesday, and on Friday, services were held at the chapel. He was pretty young, only in his early 50s, but the funeral was very upbeat and the family seemed happy.
Yesterday we were at this apartment complex going to meet an investigator, and while we were waiting for her, there were these Cuban guys next door blasting some salsa music and BBQing and stuff. The one guy who lives there recognized us and BBQ'd us some food! I don't know how we scored that!
Mom, I got the package you sent with the journal and candy and stuff! Thanks!
The weather here has been great. Today (P-Day)we went frisbee golfing at this course in Ingleside. It was a super nice day and very scenic and we had a really really fun time. I'm hoping that I stay here at least one more transfer, because we have a lot of really good things going and I'm really starting to love it here. We'll see what happens,I guess.
I love to hear from everyone who writes, keep sending me letters, it's helpful. Pray for us to keep finding people to teach, too.
Elder Carreon (Ryan)