Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New U.S. President and a Prayer Request

Dear Family & Friends:
So today we have a new U.S. President! Even though I'm basically missing some of the historical stuff going on right now, (I don't watch TV) I know that I'm doing what the Lord wants me to do at this point in time.
This week was pretty cool. We had our interviews with Mission President Miller. Mine went very well! I also got a letter from our recent convert in Brownsville. She is doing amazingly well. Every letter I get from her is amazing. She just got called to be a Primary teacher for the 4-5 year olds and her mom is the Relief Society secretary. She keeps saying that she want to go on a mission, and in July she will be 21 and have one year in the church and be eligible to go!
This past Sunday I went with Elder Hartner to the Spanish Branch in Corpus because he had a Spanish investigator that wanted to attend. The Spanish guy had a lot of opposition to overcome just to get to church! That morning, he had four flat tires, and when he went to turn on his air compressor, it caught on fire! He didn't have much gas in his truck, so he had to syphon gas from something else (some kind of yard equipment, I think) to get enough gas to make it to Corpus and back. Thankfully, he was able to make it.
Apparently Portland is a very diverse place. So far we have met four people from Germany, two people from Korea, and people from Spain, Mexico, Poland, Sweden, France, and Japan! It'll be interesting to see who pops up next.
We have transfers next Wednesday. I think I'll probably stay and Elder Veater will go, but who knows. Elder Valentine from Elma, Washington said that his hometown was super flooded with all of the snow melt. Is Seattle flooding at all?
if you could all do me a huge favor and pray that a recent investigator comes to church Sunday and that her husband's heart is softened, we missionaries would appreciate it. Also, Elder Valentine and I are going to sing in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, so pray that we'll do well!
I hope all is well. Thanks for the letters and packages. They are great to receive!
Elder Carreon