Thursday, March 19, 2009

General Authority Visits

Dear Family & Friends:
This week has been very, very good. Things are really taking off here. Our new member James (see previous post)recently went on a temple trip with the rest of the branch and really enjoyed it. We have also been teaching his niece and nephew, and they really love church and YM/YW (Young Mens'/Young Womens' youth groups), and are even coming to Seminary.
These past few days have been very rainy here. Luckily, we got our car back on Friday, so we only had to be in the rain one day. They really need the rain around here. A lot of people grow cotton, and the lack of rain has really hurt the crops. It's too bad for all the Spring Break people that are coming in, though. Hopefully it will be warmer this week.
We just barely had transfers this past week, and both Elder Bugg and I are staying. We figured that we would be together again. He goes home in June. We also just barely found out that we will be having another General Authority tour our mission next week. D. Chad Richardson will be here Friday and Saturday, and we will have a special Zone Conference where he will train us. We are super excited because we just barely had Elder Shumway of the Seventies here and it was amazing! We seem to have been very blessed with the amount of General Authorities that have come through recently.
Mom, I have not gotten the packages, but I will most likely get them at Zone Conference or something like that. You can just send eveything to the Mission Office as usual. I hope all is well with everyone and enjoy the letters.
Write soon.
Elder Carreon