Monday, March 16, 2009

Message From a New Member

(Editor's Note:I recently received the following email from James Land, a new member of the church in South Texas taught and baptized by Elder Carreon and Elder Bugg. It is amazingly to read, and James Land graciously gave permission for it to be posted on the blog.)

To the Families of Elders Bugg and Carreon,

I want to personally thank you for making your sons such great individuals. They have shown me so many things, with such drive, inspiration and knowledge concerning the gospel. My life was a waste, I was lost, no direction. Initially, I was introduced to the gospel by my fiance. I began my search for answers. Speaking with your sons, whose enthusiasm and love for the gospel, has inspired me to strive for what they have. To be so confident with oneself and be closer to our Heavenly Father. They have shown that I can be a real person; and still have a real love for Christ. They want to teach me, not preach at me. I am a complete person now. Your sons have been a very large part of this transformation. I do not know how to thank them enough, so I would like to thank you for inspiring your sons to be such great men and Priesthood holders.

I have attached some photos from my baptism and family discussions (and a photo of their neighbor's house). They are currently teaching the gospel to my nieces and nephew. I hope this may inspire someone close to them, (y'all) back home. I have gone from a lost soul to a Priesthood holder myself. I will be baptizing my daughter within the next few weeks. I have found two people I will always call a "true friend" and "bretheren".

James Land