Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two Wonderful Baptisms & two blogs

Dear Friends and Family:
This week was great! First of all on Wednesday, we had two baptisms! It was an amazing experience, and we had four investigators there. I baptized Ashley and James baptized his nephew, Johnny. It was a very spiritual baptism and a lot of people showed up.
We also had General Conference (held in Salt Lake City and broadcast around the world) this past weekend. It was amazing because a lot of our investigators have BYU TV as part of their cable package and were able to watch the conference broadcast sessions at home!
We also had one investigator family who recorded one of the sessions. All in all, this week was a very good week. We have been having lots of good things happen lately and more good things keep popping up out of the woodwork. We only have only three more weeks left in the transfer, and this week we have our interviews with Mission President Miller. Hope all is well with everyone and Happy Easter!
Elder Ryan Carreon
(Editor's Note: Last week's post was delayed and is being included with this post):
Hello to all!! We have a baptism this Wednesday, and so I will be taking pictures with that memory card and then send it. We have been having some crazy weather this week. One day we were in Taft, and this lighting storm came out of nowhere, so we ran back to the car and as soon as we got in it started to pour like crazy. It only lasted 15 minutes of so and then it was all clear the rest of the day. I think we qre supposed to get some more lightning this week.
On Saturday, we had a combined Corpus-Laredo Zone Conference. It was awesome because I got to talk to someone from every one of my previous areas, so they filled me in on what was going on with everybody. I even saw some members that I knew from Flour Bluff. Zone Conference was great. We were able to hear from D. Chad Richardson, an Area Seventy (church general authority). He had lots of really great things to say and gave us some great insights. Things are really starting to take off here and hopefully things will continue. We are also excited for General Conference this week and to be able to hear from the living Prophet and Apostles. It's pretty much like Christmas time for missionaries because for two days straight we hang out at the church. Luckily, it is broadcast to our building so we don't have to go super far or anything like that. I hope everyone is well and I enjoy the cards and letters.
Elder Carreon