Monday, April 20, 2009

WhataBurger and WhataMission

Dear Family & Friends:
Wow, that's cool that someone else from Lynnwood, Washington Stake received a mission call to McAllen! Editor's Note: (A sister missionary is now in the Provo MTC learning Spanish and will be in South Texas in about six more weeks). I will write (her) a letter and give her a heads-up about the mission life!
Lately it has been stormy around here. We were on tornado watch a few days ago, but nothing really happened. Some days are rainy and other days are nice and hot.
This week has been pretty cool! There is this hamburger chain in South Texas called WhataAurger. There is one right across the street from our house, and the other day they had this big spinning wheel out in the parking lot. My companion (Elder Bugg) and I both took a spin. He won free tickets to a rodeo, and I won a free WhataBurger!
This week is also transfers. Elder Bugg only has one transfer left, so this is it for him before he goes home. We are hoping that we will stay together for this one more, but who knows!
Things have been going really great here. Two more relatives of James are are really enjoying church and are really receptive to the message. James made a joke a few weeks ago that by the time he was done, half of the branch would be Brother or Sister Land! So far he has been right! Yesterday he was able to baptize one of Amber's daughters, Athena, who is 8 years old. It has been great to see the changes that he and his family have made and how they are very committed to living the gospel!
Pray that I dont get transfered, I love the work right here! Write soon.
Elder Ryan Carreon