Monday, November 10, 2008

Transferred to Portland, Texas!

Hello to all. This week was crazy crazy crazy! On Tuesday nights, the week of transfers, we usually receive the call from our District Leader as to who will be transferred the next day. Elder Clarke and I thought for sure that we were going to stay together, so we didn't worry much. At about 9:30 p.m. President Miller called us and talked to my companion first. He told Elder Clarke that he was going to be with one of his former companions again, and afterward he talked to me and told me that I was going to be transferred to Portland, TX.
My new companion and I are going to "white-wash" the area. That means that both of the old missionaries get transferred out, so both my companion (Elder Veater) and I are brand new in the area. So the next day I got transferred. It was sad because I really loved Flour Bluff, but Portland is super amazing. It's a very scenic place, and reminds me a lot of California. Ever since then, my companion and I have been trying to figure out where everything is and who all the members are and stuff. I'm not 100% sure about the new address, so just keep sending stuff to the mission office.
Elder Veater is from Ogden, Utah, and he's only been on his mission 10 months. The other companionship that attends our ward got white-washed in too, so yesterday everyone in the ward was surprised to see four new Elders! This area is great. The only downside is that we're on bikes again! We cover Portland and a small little town named Gregory. Pull up some pictures of Portland, because it's a super nice area. Across the street from our apartment is Nueces Bay, and we have this awesome view of Corpus Christi.
Just keep praying that we can get some good things done. Have a great week and tell everyone HI!
Love, Elder Carreon
* Blog Master's Note: Here is some info on Portland, Texas:
Portland is called the "Gem City of the Gulf Coast" and is described as being the most attractive and pleasant spot in Texas. It is situated in a beautiful 30- to 40-foot-high bluff overlooking 150 square miles of waves and fronted the deepest water in Corpus Christi Bay. As a summer and winter resort, Portland is described as being particularly pleasing with a mild climate and prevailing bay breezes. As a place for sportsmen, Portland is also known for its clean, family-oriented atmosphere, its TEA recognized school district, its very close proximity to downtown Corpus Christi (7 miles) and the multitude of recreational activities afforded by its position on both Nueces and Corpus Christi Bays; including birding, kite-surfing, fishing, golfing, swimming, canoeing, biking, kayaking and nature viewing. Portland also has 5 historical markers that tell stories of its past. The original Townsite of Portland came into being from 640 acres purchased by John G. Willacy in November 1890. The land was located on both sides of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad and overlooked both Corpus Christi and Nueces Bay. Ducks and other game are abundant, while the bays abound with redfish, tarpon and other varieties of fish. More fish and oysters are taken from these waters than at any point in the Gulf Coast.