Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and Possible Transfers

Hello to everyone:
This week with Halloween was pretty interesting. We weren't allowed to be out past 6 p.m. because of all of the trick-or-treaters and stuff, but around 5:30 p.m. we started to see people coming out. We knocked on this one door and this guy in a clown suit answered. We had to try really really hard not to laugh. We also saw a person dressed as Jesus answer another door. At 6 p.m. we went to the chapel with a bunch of other missionaries and had pizza and played games and stuff until 9 p.m.
We have transfers this wednesday. I can't believe it's been six weeks already. I hope I get to stay here longer, I really love it here and I can see this area progressing, so if my mission president or his wife happen to be reading this DON'T TRANSFER ME!!!!!!!
Unfortunately, I also have been a bit under the weather. It started yesterday and really hit me last night, but when I woke up today I felt way better, so hopefully it's nothing too big. The election seems to be all everyone is talking about around here, sounds like it will be an interesting one. I still haven't gotten my ballot yet, but I heard that Los Angeles is having a record number of absentee voters and so it's taking them a long time to get the ballots out. Hopefully I'll get mine soon! I requested it almost a month ago! Mom, happy birthday! Love, Ryan