Monday, December 31, 2007

Called to be a Zone Leader

December 18, 2007

This week has been fairly interesting. As you know, we were called to be Zone Leaders in our Zone this past Sunday, which basically means we have even less free time than before.
Thanks for the CD you sent me! I really enjoy it. One of my roommates has a bunch of movie soundtracks and stuff, and I recently found out he had the soundtrack to "The Fountain" which was that sci-fi movie we rented a few months again. So we listened to it and talked about the movie.
Tomorrow we get a whole new batch of Elders. Our Zone is getting way big because we got a new group last week as well.
The package the ward sent me is full of contraband items. They sent me a hand-held racing game, Uno cards, and gum among other things. I'll send you some pictures of Lyle and Monica's (fake) wedding announcement sometime soon.
This upcoming week is going to be exciting. We have general authorities give devotionals every Sunday and Tuesday. This Sunday is Joseph Smith's birthday and this Tuesday is Christmas, so we're in store for some awesome devotionals! I hope you guys are doing well. Tell everyone I say Hi and Merry Christmas!
Love, Ryan