Monday, December 31, 2007

Referral Success

December 11, 2007

How's the horrible winter? It snowed again the other day. Yesterday was a crazy day. First, in gym one of the missionaries dislocated his ankle. He wasn't even supposed to be in gym because he was supposed to leave today. The Fire Department and paramedics came and everything. He's going to be delayed 2-3 weeks.
Speaking of delays, one of the Elders in our zone was supposed to leave for Argentina yesterday, but his Visa was delayed, so he's stuck here awhile until it clears, or until they decide to send him somewhere else for awhile. The same thing happened to one of my friends, and he ended up in Kentucky for three weeks until his Visa cleared.
Yesterday we went to the Referral Center. Our goal was 35, but over the weekend 3 people in our district got the flu. We still decided to keep our goal of 35, which meant we each needed about 5 each. What made thing worse was about half way through, all the computer crashed, so we could only take incoming calls (which are less frequent) and we had to take the info by hand. I was still able to get 2 referrals. By the time me and my companion left, we only had 12 total, so we were kind of bummed out. When we got back to class, we noticed that the sisters were gone, and one of the Elders said "Oh yeah, one of them was still on the phone when we left the RC, they'll be here soon." Thirty minutes later they came in, and we asked them what kept them. One of the sisters said she was talking with this one lady on the phone, and asked her if she knew anyone else who would like to hear our message (it's our policy to ask) and the lady gave her 16 referrals, bringing our total to 28!
Hope all is well. Tell everyone that I said hi!
Love, Ryan