Saturday, April 19, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor

Hello Everyone:
This week was so-so, we had transfers on Wednesday, and I'm still in Laredo with Elder Caywood. Only one elder in our apartment got transfered, Elder Fellows. He was replaced by Elder Pike who came from Corpus Christi. He's from Santa Barbara, and my companion is from Napa (San Francisco Area) so we sit around and talk about California and how much we miss In-N-Out.
Funny story. Remember me telling you about the kids that left all of the notes at our door step? Well, they struck again. We had just gotten home and they started throwing rocks at our door and running away, so we turned off all of our lights and went to the window to see if we could see who it was. When we figured it out, I signaled to my companion to open the door as they were coming back to do it again. When he opened it, the kids stood there all stunned and one of the kids said, "What's your name sir?" and my companion said "Why? You're still going to throw rocks at our door!" and the kid was like, "I uhhh just wanted to welcome you to the apartments!" There are so many kids that live in our apartment complex. They are always running around outside and writing stuff on our dusty car. The raspa truck (like a Mexican snow-cone) comes into our complex at least two times a day.
Our new member hasn't yet been confirmed. She said that she was going to move to Monterrey this week for good, but said she would come to church before she left to get confirmed. She wasn't home when we went by before church, so she is probably gone. Oh yeah, I don't remember if I told you or not, but the Saturday before conference we were about to leave and we heard this knock on our door. I opened it, and it was two Jehovah Witnesses going door to door. They just looked at me for a second and then looked down at my name tag, and then proceeded to do a door approach on us. We were nice to them of course and laughed afterwards because people mix us up all the time, and they must have been so surprised to see us when the door opened.
Four inches of snow in Seattle? It's in the 90s and 100s around here. Send some cold weather this way! Well I hope you all have an awesome week! Write soon.