Monday, April 7, 2008

The Power of Example

Hello everyone. This week was a hard week, but it had its high points, including conference this past weekend, which was amazing! I had heard people say that conference (worldwide conference of the LDS Church held twice a year) was 10x better on your mission, but I never expected it to be that wonderful. I especially liked Elder Jeffrey Holland's and Elder Christofferson's talks. It was also interesting to see the Solemn Assembly and to be able to sustain President Monson (as the new Prophet and President of the LDS Church). I don't know if Matt or any of the boys told you what President Monson said during the priesthood session. Basically he was talking about the power of example and how one time he was at a Stake Conference and he saw this little boy on the front row mimicking the way he was sitting. So he changed his position, and so did the boy. He then said that he looked the boy squarely in the eyes, and then wiggled his ears. (While he was telling the story, he wiggled his ears too)! He said the boy gave his best effort but couldn't do it and then poked his father next to him and pointed at his ears and at President Monson. When the father looked over, President Monson looked up at the pulpit and pretended like he was listening to the speaker the entire time.
The other elders in our district had a baptism yesterday. It was a miracle because the guy showed up at the last possible second for his interview and baptism, but he said that this was something that he really wanted to do because he wanted to change and become a better person. Many people have written me and asked me what it is I'm teaching here and what members of the LDS church believe. So I asked that this blog have a link to more information and to have posted the LDS Church Articles of Faith, which spell out what we believe. (See the bar to the right of this blog for more information.) Transfers are this Wednesday, so I'll let you know. Also, thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement, too. It's great to get letters from home.
Love, Ryan