Monday, May 5, 2008

Missionary For A Day

Dear Family & Friends:
This week was pretty ok. The definite highlight was the confirmation of the Adams family in church yesterday. Now they are officially members! Last Wednesday was my companion's "sister mark" (18 months out because sister missionaries only serve 18 months), and so to celebrate he decided to burn a pair of his pants. We ended up doing it right on the side of the apartment complex near the train tracks because we thought there wouldn't be as many people to drive by, but it turns out that lots of people drive by late at night.
Saturday morning the branch had a missionary for a day activity, and for an hour we took a bunch of youth around with us. The Adams family showed up and participated too! It was awesome to see their two sons, Joseph and Jonathan, in white shirts and ties! The best part about it was they had only been baptized six days before. They said they really liked it and the whole family had a bunch of questions about what it takes to be a missionary. After the activity, we all went back to the chapel so the youth could share any experiences that they had. One kid was saying how they were talking to this one guy and he asked if they were the same church as the polygamist sect in northern texas and they misunderstood the question, so they said Yes! We all laughed pretty hard about that one. In my area we don't really get any questions about that stuff. I'm not even sure what exactly happened up there anyways, but in the more English speaking areas they do get some questions so they can clear up that we aren't affiiated with that group at all. After the activity was over, we went over to the Adam's for a lesson and to make sure everything was okay for their confirmation. When we had the closing prayer, the husband prayed that someday his sons could be like my companion and me. It was a really humbling experience. That was pretty much my week, can't wait to talk to you guys on Sunday (Mother's Day). If it's possible, I would love to be able to speak to the J-boys too!

Love, Ryan
P.S. Mom, I was wondering if you could send me the book "True to the Faith" in Spanish. I can talk to you about it more when I call.