Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tornadoes and "Poachers"

Dear Family,

I haven't recieved any of the packages yet, but transfers are on Wednesday, and they usually hold all the mail the week before transfers and just deliver it to us when they come.
This week was pretty interesting. On Tuesday, we were at an appointment, teaching this really nice younger lady and except for a drunk neighbor who tried to "bash" with us (fight with us scripturally) it went well.
Wednesday was crazy, about an hour out of town is a smaller town named Zapata. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere, and there are two elders that live and work in that area. As the day was ending we could see this huge lightning storm with dark clouds in Mexico heading our way, but the wind started to blow it towards Zapata. The next day we found out that a tornado hit Zapata and pretty much destroyed half the town. The missionaries were ok, but a bunch of people lost their homes and stuff.
That night was also my six month mark, and so we burned a tie behind the apartments!
Thursday was a really funny/crazy day, and my companion and I heard rumors that the Zone Leaders were "poaching" our area (meaning going into our area and teaching people, instead of staying in their area), and we received a call from them telling us they had "accidentally gone into our area and taught a lesson and given the lady a baptismal date..". Then about an hour later we decided we were going to visit this less active member that lived in our area, and as we turned the corner to go to his house, lo and behold, we saw the Zone Leaders, who just happened to be going to visit the same person!
Then we saw something crazy later that night. We were working down by the border, and we were going down this one street in our car, and there was a border patrol car right behind us. The officers pulled over and started talking to this one guy, and so my companion decided to circle the block to see what was going on. When we came back around, the guy was gone but the car was still driving, so we parked and got out because we were going to begin working, and we saw the border patrol car pull over next to this couple that was walking maybe 100 yards away. The patrol were talking through their window, and all of the sudden they turned on their lights and got out of the car and handcuffed the people and threw them in the back, and drove off! So we were like, "Wow! We just saw someone get deported!"
A few weeks ago the sisters had a person that wanted to be baptized and so they asked her who she wanted to do it, and she picked my companion Elder Caywood. We couldn't figure out why, and the sisters didn't know either, but they finally asked her, and she said it was because he had pretty eyes. So now we tease him all the time about his pretty eyes!
Today we are going to this Family Fun center with go-karts and mini golf and stuff, so it should be super fun! Thanks for all the support, and have a great week!
Love, Ryan