Monday, May 12, 2008

More Miracles in May

Hello Everyone:
This week was a pretty interesting one. On Monday, it poured down rain all morning. There was tons of thunder and lighting and stuff, it was pretty awesome. It cleared up that afternoon, but there was still tons of water everywhere. Elder Caywood and I were driving by this one warehouse, and there was this huge build up of water because the road kind of slopes down. As we were driving by, we saw this van try and drive through the water, but the water was deeper than the hood of the van, so it only got about half way before the water was like over the hood of it. It just died right there in the middle of this huge thing of water!
Wednesday was our "Miracle Day." Every day the whole zone prays for one companionship, and that was our day. We ended up teaching this guy, and about half way through the lesson he pulls out this beat up Book of Mormom and said that some missionaries had been by years earlier, and he had still been reading it. He said that he wanted us to come back and teach him and his family (wife and three kids). It was pretty amazing. Then as we were leaving we started talking to other guy we saw on the street, and he said that he had almost been baptized because his ex-wife was a member and he wanted us to come over and teach him too! So we pretty much had two miracles within 5 minutes of each other!
Thursday was way crazy. In the morning, we were riding by this ambulance and so we decided to stop for a second to see what was going on. We stopped just in time to see the workers cart a body out of a house, and we were like "no way!" Then as we were coming back to the apartment, this guy tried to make a right hand turn, but he was going like 40 mph so he overshot it and smashed into another car head-on. Then, after lunch, this crazy hobo guy started trying to talk to us on the street and we couldn't understand what he was saying to us, so we tried to be nice and give him a card. Then as we started to walk toward our bikes, he was following us still talking gibberish. He came up to my companion and was patting him on the back and stuff and he wouldn't go away untill we had unlocked our bikes and rode away!
On Saturday, I was with one of the Zone Leaders in his area. We went to see this one lady who had a 2-year-old daughter, and while we were teaching, the daughter started to get cranky. My companion tried to get her to calm down, but that pushed her over the edge and she started going nuts and crying and putting her hands over her face and stuff. Then about 5 minutes later, she started to calm down and my companion looked at her and smiled, and she started crying again. We had to try really hard not to laugh. That was pretty much my week! It was nice to be able to talk to everyone.
Love, Ryan
(Editor's Note: Ryan called home on Mother's Day and talked to his mom, five J-boys cousins, Aunt Pam and Uncle Matt, his Dad, Roxanne and brother Cooper. Everyone loved talking to him!)