Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Transferrd to "The City by the Sea"

Hello from Brownsville! I got transfered in on Wednesday to northern Brownsville (the southernmost city in Texas on the Mexican Border and Gulf of Mexico) with Elder Gish as my companion!
The last few days in Laredo were crazy. It seemed like all of the sudden everyone wanted to feed us (I don't know where they were the first four months I was in Laredo.) On Monday we tried to go to the Fun Zone, but it turned out to be a casino instead, so we just went to Burger King. Tuesday was the crazy day! Between Monday Night and Tuesday afternoon we had been fed 4 times by our members, and we were having trouble walking, because we were so stuffed full of food!
Tuesday night was when we got the phone call to see who was going to be transfered and who was going to stay. We also have this thing we call "Transferdamus" where we each predict who is going to leave and who is going to stay. I predicted that I was going to leave for Brownsville. At 10:30 p.m., we recieved the phone call that I was indeed being transfered to Brownsville, so I spent the rest of the night packing my stuff. Wednesday, we headed downtown for the last time, and then at about 2 p.m. or so, we went to the church for transfers.
It took us about 4 hours to get to Brownsville. When we got there, I met my companion, Elder Gish, and we went to our "apartment." It's not so much an apartment as it is a huge mansion house. We are staying with a member, Brother Hutchingson, who is the head of the FBI in this area of the U.S., and he's never home, so we have his huge mansion to ourselves almost all of the time. We also have our own private lake thing in the backyard! The only bad thing is we don't have a car, and it's super humid here, so we get really soaked out on the bikes.
Thursday was pretty crazy. One of the other companionships had a recent convert who was thrown in jail. He was driving and got into a car crash and doesn't have papers, so he's in jail as of right now and they don't know if he's going to get deported or what.
On Saturday, we were helping this lady with her lawn, but we didn't have a weed whacker or anything, so we went to a member to borrow one. We then realized that we didn't have anywhere to put it because we are on bikes, so I slung it over my back and biked down the street with a weed whacker! I got tons of really weird looks and stuff.
Sunday was my first day at church. my companion had to give a talk in English Ward. One of the other companionships has these investigators that they found that are from Africa, and speak French. They can speak a little English and a little Spanish, and they said they really enjoy church. The elders said its been interesting trying to teach them, and they have to go really slow and teach a combination of English and Spanish.
On P-day yesterday we went shopping and played soccer at the church. We couldn't email because the library was closed for Memorial Day. I really like Brownsville. It's not as ghetto as downtown Laredo, and most people (91%) speak Spanish. This is going to be a really fun transfer!