Monday, August 25, 2008

A Rumor and More Rain

Dear Family & Friends:
This week was made even more interesting by some speculation around the mission. Supposedly, for next transfer's Zone Conference, Elder Dallen Oaks (from the Council of the Twelve in Salt Lake) might come down! It was definitely one of those through-the-grapevine type stories (we heard it from the District Leader who heard it from the Zone Leaders who heard it from the APs...) so we'll see what happens. That would be really exciting though!
It has been raining like crazy here these past few days, and it really started coming down hard yesterday during church. One of the companionships in our District baptized 5 people yesterday!!! The Spanish Ward down here is having crazy amounts of success, almost a baptismal service every week.
The English ward is still kind of slow. We just recently got a new ward mission leader, and he has been in the ward since the ward was formed so he knows almost everyone on the roster. We have lots of ideas for him, and we have been seeing a lot of success lately. Our two recent converts have been trying to work with another family member, and we just got a call this morning that she had promised them she would come to church this Sunday. They have also been talking to their friends a lot about the church and they have this one friend that seems interested. They invited her to hear the lessons, so we are going over to teach her. The new members are so awesome, and the daughter talks about how she wants to go on a mission next year (she turns 21 and hits a year as a member in the same month, so she could go).
Things down here are going great so far and hopefully they will continue to grow. Mom, I was wondering: I have a copy of the "New Oxford English-to Spanish Picture Dictionary." I heard that the same company makes flash cards to go along with the dictionary and if so, I was wondering if you could send them to me! Thanks a lot!

Love, Ryan