Monday, August 4, 2008

It's a Small, Small World

Hello to all

Last week I received an email from the father of one of my Zone leaders, Elder Davich. He said that he was looking up Hurricane Dolly on the web and came across my blog. He said the he was surprised to find out that Ron Bean was my grandfather, because 10 years ago it was that same Ron Bean that had helped bring him and his son (my Zone Leader) into the gospel. What a small, small world!
This week was kind of a slow week and we worked extra hard to find people to teach, but thus is the life of a missionary.
We had our interviews with Mission President Miller on Friday. My interview went really well. He is an awesome man, and is really inspired on how to lead us.
On Saturday we were riding our bikes, and when we went to lock them up my companion was like "oh no!" It turns out that when he hopped off his bike, he ripped his pants! Luckily we only had like 45 minutes until we were going to be at home.
Sunday, our newest convert was confirmed. She is super strong and now wants to share the gospel with everyone. It's amazing how the Restored Gospel changes people. Just in the few weeks that we have been teaching her family, I have definitely seen a change in her and her daughter's countenance. They are both super happy!
This transfer had flown by, and now we have transfers in only a week and a half. I'll let you know if I stay in Brownsville or move to another area of the mission.

Love, Ryan