Monday, August 18, 2008

Transfers & a Dog Attack Day

Hello to all,
This week was a very interesting one!
On Monday, we were riding our bikes, and my companion's tire exploded. He had been having a lot of problems with his bike lately, and this was the culmination. Luckily we were right in front of Wal-Mart, so we were able to get him the stuff he needed to repair it.
Tuesday was exciting because we got to find out about transfers. We knew that we were definitely going to have at least one change because Elder To'o was leaving. I think I jinxed the whole thing because I was like, "That would be lame if transfers were really boring and nothing happened!" and then five minutes later we recieved a phone call saying that there was going to be no changes within our district. So now I have had 2 companions in a row for 3 transfers, and for both of them, I'm the only companion that they have had for 3 transfers.
Wednesday was sad because Elder To'o left for the mission office to then go home. He seemed pretty bummed out, but I know he really wanted to see his family again.
Thursday was dog attack day! We went over to see some members in the morning and this big slobbery dog comes out of nowhere and starts jumping all over my companion and drooling all over him and chewing on his back pack and stuff. I just sat back and laughed. Then we had this other dog follow us like 5 blocks and bark at us the whole way. Later, we were with some other members standing in the driveway and this dog comes bolting out of their house and starts jumping all over my companion, so I tried to sneakily back away so it wouldn't jump on me, but it noticed and it came racing toward me. I backed up faster and tripped, and it jumped all over me as I was on the ground.
Saturday and Sunday were pretty crazy. We got pulled over by this guy on Saturday who said, "Hey have I talked to you before?" and I said "No." He said, "Well, can we chat for a bit?" We humored him, but if there is one thing that I've learned as a missionary, it's that if people inivite you into their house or want to chat with you before you've said anything to them, it's bad. This was no exception. Turns out he was a very active member of his church and wanted to argue with us using his scriptures. So we talked for a few minutes and bore our testimonies and rode away.
On Sunday we were telling this story to some other Elders in our district, and it turns out that they met the same guy a few days earlier. I guess he must be going around trying to bash with all of the LDS missionaries or something. I also got a bunch of mail on Sunday, and it turns out that Kelli McCoy (from Arcadia Ward and Arcadia High) is getting married in a week or so. I also got a package and some other letters and stuff so thanks everyone! Please keep the missionaries in your prayers. Have a great week!