Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Baptism & a Transfer

Hello to all:
Well, this week was great! We had been teaching the second daughter of a woman we baptized, and she said that she wanted to be baptized. We had the interview on Tuesday night and everything was great! She said that she wanted me to baptize her, too! Unfortunately, on Tuesday night, we got the call that I was being transfered up to Corpus Christi. It was very sad, but I'm glad that she was baptized yesterday and they gave me their address, so I will probably write them a letter soon.
Right now I'm in a place called Flour Bluff in Corpus Christi. It is right across Oso Bay and you have to drive over this bridge across the water to get the city. We also have North Padre Island in our area. It is a super cool place. I am co-senior companions with Elder Clarke, one of the missionaries that flew into Texas with me. He's From Toronto, Canada. We get along great and we are going to have an awesome transfer together. This area is super different than the valley. First of all, everyone has a southern accent and it's just a different type of people. It feels more like the actual "south." We have about 10000000 members in our area and we have a car, so I will probably get fat while I'm here.
Crazy story. So last night we went over to a member family's house on The Island, named the Sturgis family. The parents are both originally from Southern California, and Sister Sturgis is cousins with the Tanner family in Arcadia! Small world! Brother Sturgis is really into guitar and music recording and has a studio and a ton of guitars in his house. I think I'm really going to like this area a lot. The members are super awesome and feed us all of the time. Yesterday alone we had two dinner appointments in a row! They are all super excited about missionary work too, and so we have a lot of ward support.
As you know, we had the chance to have Elder Shumway come and train us. He was awesome! The whole Valley met up in McAllen at one of the chapels, and we had a huge Zone Conference. Elder Shumway talked about how he sees great potential in this mission!
I am also excited for General Conference (broadcast from Salt Lake City on television) this weekend. It's pretty much like Christmas for the missionaries, because all we do is hang out at the chapel and watch all 5 sessions.
Cooper told me his school might get cancelled because of gas shortages in Tennessee. We haven't really had any problems down here. We have had some debris washing up on the beach shores (tv, clothes, microwaves, etc.). Sounds like the hurricane did some real damage up in Houston! Well, gotta go, almost out of time!
Write soon.