Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zone Conference & Transfers

Dear Family & Friends:
We haven't had any problems with gas prices or shortages in this area, but I heard that in northern Texas it's pretty bad. I also heard that gas prices might go up if any of the refineries were damaged by the hurricane.
Tomorrow we have Zone Conference with Elder Shumway of the Seventies, and then tomorrow night we have transfers. We are all excited to see what happens. Elder Gish wants to go to one more area before his mission is over, and I love this area and want to stay, so hopefully we will get our wishes! We are pretty sure that we will be splitting up.
Last monday for P-day we all went downtown. It was uncanny how much it looks like downtown Laredo,I felt like I knew my way around!
On Wednesday we had our interviews with President Miller. It was a really good interview. He's a really great Mission President and a great leader.
Thursday was pretty funny. We were teaching this lady on her front porch. The whole time her kids were runnig around in the yard going nuts. So we were talking about families and she said how much she loved hers, and that they were really happy. Almost on cue, her littlest son runs out into the front yard, pulls down his pants and starts going to the bathroom in front of us all. Then her other son grabbed the hose and started trying to squirt him and almost got us too! It was pretty funny. Also that night we had a very interesting experience. We went to a lesson with a member. When we got there, the family told us that the husband was running late and would be back in 5 or 10 minutes, so we decided to wait. About 5 minutes later the brother we were waiting with said, "Hey elders, lets go knock that door." So we go over to this door and knock it and start talking to this lady. All of the sudden she says to him, "Cousin is that you?" Apparently it was his cousin and he didn't even know she lived there! We were able to teach her a lesson and it went great!
On Friday the Ward put on this activity about the "Articles of Faith." It went really well. Each auxillary organization was assigned a few of the articles and had to recite them and explain what they meant. It was fun and we had a lot of people show up.
Today we are going to try and go to the zoo, but it was raining this morning, so we'll see what happens. Tell everyone to write soon, I really look forward to all your letters.
Love, Ryan