Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McAllen Stake Reorganization

Hello to everyone. We didn't email monday because the library was closed for the holiday, and when we went to the library yesterday, the internet was down.
Well, it's official, Elder Oaks of the Twelve is coming to reorganize the McAllen Stake, and at the end of this month we are having a special Zone Conference and will be hearing from a "mystery" General Authority. Hopefully it will be Elder Oaks!
Last week at Zone Conference the Mission President told us some really interesting "news." He said that a few years ago he was a Stake President in California and the state was trying to pass the proposition defining marriage between a man and a woman, and about the same time the church came out with the Family Proclamation defining the church's views. Basically, the proposition passed. Then, there was a huge uproar, so on the ballot this year is an amendment to the California constitution defining what marriage is. So the other day, the President received some letters for some people claiming that there are people that don't support the church's position that marriage is between a man and woman only, and supposedly some of the "authorities" are involved and they are going to start a "secret society" to stand up against the church and such. He said he and his wife had a good laugh because part of the letter said something like "there are some key words that the members of our society will say across the pulpit at General Conference so you know that there are many people who hold this view. The key words are: Faith and Repentance"! We all laughed pretty hard. We continue to work hard and be positive, working to help people with whatever we can.
We keep hearing the news that there are a few other hurricanes brewing in the Gulf that might head this way. Everyone around here is getting way prepared in case anything happens, but it has pretty much been hot and sunny lately. Have a great week and write soon everyone!
Love, Ryan