Monday, October 13, 2008

Members and the Beach

Hello to alI:
Mom, I did get the Halloween package.We are now addicted to candy corn. We have this member who is trying to quit smoking and wants to come back to church. She says she has tried everything, so what we decided to do was get her to smoke less and less until she can go cold turkey. We took her pack of cigarettes and put in a picture of Jesus, so every time she wants to smoke, she has to reach over the photo. We hope that helps her out.
On Thursday, I went on exchanges with Elder Lopez. He's from Long Beach, so we talked a lot about L.A. On Saturday we spent most of the day on North Padre Island. We ate with a member family who live in an apartment building right on the beach. It was pretty awesome. There were a bunch of people kite boarding in the water and stuff. The week was pretty normal on the whole, but the members around here love us and are giving us a lot of names of people to work with so hopefully something good will turn out soon! Anyway, all is well here and I'll send some pictures soon.