Monday, October 27, 2008

A Baptism Coming Up

Thanks for all of your prayers. We had some great things happen despite my companion being sick at home for a few days this week. It was hard for me, too, because I was getting cabin fever staying home. Usually we are busy every moment, so it's quite a switch to have down time like that.
As for how the work is going, there is this girl whose boyfriend is a member of the church, and he invited her to church and gave her a Book of Mormon and all this stuff. She had been going to her boyfriend's Ward since August, and about a week or so ago she went to the Bishop and asked him how she could get baptized! She lives in our area, so on Thursday we took her over to a member's house and had a lesson with her. It was great! She is super prepared to receive the gospel. She said that she and her boyfriend read from the Book of Mormon together and that she feels different at our church than the other ones she's been to. She is amazing, and will be baptized on November 9th! Please keep her in your prayers! If everyone could please continue to pray for our other investigators, that would help out a lot, too.
Friday night was pretty lame. We got in our car and drove far away from our apartment, and after we were done in that area we went back to the car, and it died on us. It was probably the fuel pump, and this one guy told us that a lot of fuel pumps have been going out lately because this certain gas station puts some extra stuff in the gas that kills the pump faster than normal. We had to walk home, and we've been on bike and foot since then. Gas is super super super cheap around here, about $2.25 a gallon. There are rumors that gas in Ingleside is less than $2 a gallon! I hope it keeps going down!
We're going to a Halloween party at the church on Friday with all of the missionaries, so I'll send some pictures. Tell everybody that I say hi!
Love, Elder Carreon