Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Cousin, Transfers, & Fires

Dear Family & Friends:
So I have a new cousin? Aunt Kami & Uncle Brent have a new daughter? Tell me the details. I was bombarded by like 500 emails from everyone about it and am not exactly sure what’s going on.
We have transfers this Wednesday but I probably won’t be getting transfered seeing as how I have to appear in court next Monday for my ticket (wasn't that a crafty idea!) I don’t want to be transfered anyway; I love the Sinton people and area. At any rate, I’m going to politely “fight” the ticket for a bunch of reasons, so we'll see what happens.
Recently, we met this lady whose house almost caught on fire. There was a huge fire on July 5th that burned a bunch of fields and a few houses. It almost got her house, but right as it was heading toward her house it made a Y and totally missed her house and her garden and burned everything around it! We took a bunch of pictures of the fire and stuff, and as of yesterday some of the debris was still smoldering!
The other day we went on exchanges and ate at this hole-in-the-wall brisket place that claims to have the best brisket in the U.S. Apparently Regis and Kelly came and did a story on them and stuff. Of course, we had the brisket, and it was amazing! I think it actually is the best I've ever had!
Things are still going good here we have had some really good things happen. We were able to get some investigators to agree to get married so they can get baptized. The girl is a member, but her boyfriend isn't and she agreed to have an interview with the Branch President. They are great people. Please pray for them and us, too.
Life here in Texas is good, even though it’s really hot and the experts have predicted 12 storms this year and 6 hurricanes. So far we haven't gotten any, so that means we'll probably get some this next month. Everybody says it’s getting too hot too fast and so the big one is going to come!
Write soon and thanks for the mail.
Elder Carreon