Monday, July 20, 2009

Traffic Court & Vandalism

Dear Family:
Today is my court day for my “failure to stop” traffic situation. Hopefully I won’t get thrown in jail or something! I think everything will be fine.
We had transfers this past week and both my companion and I will be staying another transfer. I seriously don't want to leave Sinton!
I guess somebody broke into the chapel in Portland the other day. Some guy poured beer all over the carpet and into one of the pianos, tore up some hymnals and broke the microphone. He also left a bunch of chicken wings everywhere. The cops found him down the street with a brick in his hand and covered in blood. Apparently they think he killed one of the neighbor’s dogs!
We are still bracing ourselves for a hurricane this season. Apparently there are supposed to be 12 names storms, 6 of which are supposed to be hurricanes. The prediction is that at the end of August early September is when it’s going to hit.
Other than that, Sinton is still basically the same. It still continues to be in the high 90s every day and we have barely had any rain. Pretty much all of the crops are dried up and useless which is killing all of the farmers around here. Mom, I got your package and will try and send the memory card back asap
Thanks to everyone for your prayers and letters.
Elder Carreon